Rosie Street

  • Star 1 Spinning® Instructor

Rosie has loved sport since she could walk. From winning silver and bronze medals in the National Schools Rowing Regatta, to representing Buckinghamshire in the English Schools Cross Country, Rosie has been keen to try out and compete in everything.

She has played netball for 10 years, is a keen climber, hiker and skiier, and loves weights resistance training at the gym.

In the last 3 years she has discovered her love for triathlon which is her current top sport. Rosie's only problem with exercise is that she cannot go more than a few days without it or gets too restless!

Rosie has been a qualified instructor since January 2015 and it the best job she has ever had. She likes to draw her knowledge from a variety of sports into her cycling classes, to help motivate and keep interest.

Rosie loves finding unusual, new music for her spinning playlists. She studies Biology at Bristol University so has a real interest in how the body works and how to help every class participant achieve their full potential!