The Classes

La-rev Rides

Indoor cycling sessions to get your heart pumping fuelled by pumping tunes. Some rides will simulate hill climbing whilst others will test your ability to push as hard as you can using high resistance intervals. Legs burning, heart pounding and sweat dripping makes this the ultimate calorie burner. You take responsibility for your ride by adjusting the resistance on the bike to what is right for at that precise moment. Rides are designed to energise and invigorate your body and mind.

Power Bands

An upper body workout using bands in a fast and dynamic way to build upper body strength and improve posture. You will be surprised how much you can sweat just using bands.

Ab Blast

Session using small equipment such as bands and fit balls designed to get your abdominal and core muscles toned beyond recognition!

Leg Power

A high energy circuit training class incorporating jumping exercises to build leg power and give you firm legs and butt cheeks! You will go near to your maximum heart rate at some point in this session!

Body Blast

An energetic and fun way to burn maximum calories in a short space of time. High intensity CV exercises to push your heart rate, mixed with core and upper body blasts. You will find your extreme limits in this session.
This session may be outdoors during summer months.

Stretch Out

Session designed to ease tension and lengthen the muscles that get tight whilst exercising. Deep stretching exercises will help to relieve some joint aches as well as improving posture. Most of these stretches will be done on the floor using a mat.


This session will improve muscular conditioning specifically in your hamstrings, butt cheeks and lower back. You will get an all over body workout that will burn calories quickly as you go through a range of exercises using the kettlebells.

Outdoor Running Intervals

Focusing on running intervals and hill sprints in a local park. Some sessions will include an element of fitness training as well. Check the website booking list for upcoming sessions.

Butt Blast

This session will give you the booty that you've always wanted, round and peachy!!

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions are ideal if you are training with a specific target in mind. Helping you to set realistic goals to improve your strength, fitness and physique to boost your confidence.

Online PT sessions are 40minutes. Contact us to arrange a time and date that suits you.