About La-rev

The La-rev Concept

La-rev has adapted into delivering online sessions for people who prefer to do their workouts at home. The emphasis is on fitness and fun; giving everyone a few laughs and smiles along the way to help them through the day. La-rev rides are based on heart rate intensities so you can work to your own level. Classes are always varied; some rides will push your heart rate to the maximum whereas others will give you a more controlled effort.

The La-rev Mission

To offer a variety of indoor cycle and fitness classes that anyone around the world can join online.

The La-rev Aim

To give participants the opportunity to enhance their physical health and emotional wellbeing whilst having fun.

The La-rev Difference

Every time you clip into the pedals or put on your trainers, you can be sure that your instructor will take you on a journey of fun self-discovery and physical achievement.

All of our indoor cycle instructors at La-rev are certified Spinning® Instructors. La-rev is operated by Les Antoine, fitness professional since 1987.